Quality policy & Certificates

Keprom has taken the path of innovative market approach, continuous improvement of business processes and raising awareness among its employees on their roles in the implementation of the quality policy, and so became one of the regional leaders in the sales and distribution of popular brands.

Keprom holds the ISO 9001:2015 and HACCP certificates.

ISO 9001:2015

In early January 2013, Keprom has obtained the ISO 9001:2008 certificate, which confirms that the company’s quality management system complies with the highest international standards, all for the purpose of increasing the efficiency of business operations and the satisfaction of users of its products.

In February 2018, Keprom has been certified to the updated version of ISO 9001:2015, demonstrating that it continues to meet the international standards. Keprom has successfully fulfilled all the criteria required for the ISO 9001:2015 certification, relating to activities in the following range: import and distribution of baby and child products, medical equipment and cosmetic products.

With the introduction and implementation of the ISO standards, Keprom has once again demonstrated its dedication and commitment to business improvement, by focusing on the satisfaction of its associates and users of its products and services.


HACCP is a food safety management system, based on the analysis and control of potential biological /microbiological, chemical and physical hazards to which the raw materials are exposed, as well as possible hazards relating to the handling, production, distribution, and consumption of the final products. The implementation of this system implies adherence to the standard operating procedures and guidelines aimed at reducing the risks for food safety.

On July 19th 2018, Keprom received the HACCP certificate for the following activities: procurement, storing and distribution of dietary products and food supplements.