Keprom Helped Publication of “Newborn Counselling Centre” Book

Monday, 29 March 2021

Keprom has once again supported the youngest and their parents by helping the publication of the new issue of “Newborn Counselling Centre” book, whose author is the legendary paediatrician from Užice, Primarius Dr Zoran Protić.

Marina Jevtić, the chairperson of “Roditelj” Association in Užice, who has the power of attorney to publish this book, thanked Keprom which funded the printing of another issue of this invaluable and popular book. According to her, “Newborn Counselling Centre” is a treasure for every family. Marina Jevtić pointed out that it had been an honour to cooperate with Keprom which had recognized the importance of maintaining healthy family values, particularly breastfeeding, which was not only the trademark of “Roditelj” Association, but also a golden start in the life and golden standard for the diet of our babies.

The author of the book “Newborn Counselling Centre”, Primarius Dr Zoran Protić is an honourable member of “Roditelj” Association. Since 1964, he had worked in the Mother and Child Centre within the Community Health Centre in Užice, and for over twenty years he managed the Newborn Counselling Centre. For his contribution to children healthcare improvement, prevention, personnel trainings, professional and scientific works, he has been granted the primarius title. He the author of more than thirty professional and scientific works, which he presented at professional gatherings in the country and abroad.

Everybody who wants to by the book may contact the publishers via the following email,via Udruženje “Roditelj” Užice FB page, or by phone at 064/208 27 72.